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Taxi 1998 film - Wikipedia.
It is the first installment in the Taxi film series. It has four sequels, Taxi 2, Taxi 3, Taxi 4 and Taxi 5 and one English-language remake, Taxi 2004. It also provided the premise for the 2014 American television show, Taxi Brooklyn.
Taxi - Wikipedia.
The first documented public hackney coach service for hire was in London in 1605. 10 In 1625 carriages were made available for hire from innkeepers in London and the first taxi rank appeared on the Strand outside the Maypole Inn in 1636. 11 In 1635 the Hackney Carriage Act was passed by Parliament to legalise horse-drawn carriages for hire. Coaches were hired out by innkeepers to merchants and visitors. A further Ordinance" for the Regulation of Hackney-Coachmen in London and the places adjacent" was approved by Parliament in 1654 12 and the first hackney-carriage licences were issued in 1662. A similar service was started by Nicolas Sauvage in Paris in 1637.

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