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A lot of women don't' enjoy hookup cultureso why do we force ourselves to participate? Quartz.
Culturally, men have been socially primed to believe they ought to drive hookup culture, and that a crucial part of the college experience is sleeping with many women and then discussing these escapades with their male friends. So despite what men might truly want, pervasive hookup culture prompts them to predicate their public identity as heterosexual men on the number and physical attractiveness of the women theyve slept with.
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Look up hookup in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Hook-up has several meanings.: Making a connection between components in a system. An electrical connection. An electrical connector. A connection to water, sewer, or electrical utilities at a campsite. Meet up, or making a connection between people.
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I dont need profiles on several sites anymore. I just login to HookUP and find the right no strings hookup. I guess everyone says this, but I never thought sex dating would be for me, especially at my age. Dating apps make it too easy to swipe past a woman my age Im 42.
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hookup v other spellings/forms: hooked up, hooking up, hook pronoun up To give or sell something to somebody, usually in reference to drugs 3. hookup n Other spellings/forms: hookups, hook-ups, hook ups A reference; a person capable of doing something; a connection.
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Learn More About hookup. Post the Definition of hookup to Facebook Share the Definition of hookup on Twitter Time Traveler for hookup. The first known use of hookup was circa 1879. See more words from the same year. Dictionary Entries Near hookup.
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14 60 While women usually feel worse after a hookup than men do, 39% of men expressed extreme regret, shame, and frustration with themselves about their hookup experiences. Other studies found that many college students do not regret their hookup experiences.
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More meanings of hook up. hook-up, at hookup. hook sth up. hook up something. hook sb up with sb/sth. hook up with sb/sth. hook sb/sth up to sth. See all meanings. hook sth up. hook up something. hook sb up with sb/sth.

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